Online Job Seekers Increase in Yangon

Posted: 10.06.2014

Last month, yangon.careers learned some interesting facts about job seekers in Myanmar.

50 percent of job seekers had exclusively browsed for jobs offline, 25 percent browse exclusively online, and 25 percent do a combination of both on and offline.

Online job seekers obviously rely on job websites – job portals like http://yangon.careers as well as agencies – but perhaps surprisingly, they don’t always rely on these directly. Facebook was a recurring response for surveyors, and this refers to job websites who post jobs on Facebook. Jobs are clicked and/or the Facebook post is shared among friends.

So why has 50 percent of job searching in Yangon moved online? Fast and cheap internet is certainly a big part of it, but there are also more incentives. Online job searching is practically “weightless” – you would have to stuff the equivalent of thousands of jobs worth of offline material to compete with the job listing of a website. But it’s not just about total number of jobs, it’s also how you can filter through thousands of listings according to your preferences.

yangon.careers has embedded search engines that allow you to easily filter thousands of jobs based on a number of preferences like location, salary and industry, among others.

Going online also makes sense for companies. Jobs can be found and applied to by registered job seekers, and companies can more efficiently source talent with a standardised CV platform and evaluate this talent based on more detailed dynamics.


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